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LIZ makes it easy for renters to

LIZ simplifies renting for




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LIZ is renting made simple

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Sharehouse management

Easily split rent with your housemates, LIZ auto sends reminders when rent's due.

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Pay with a Credit Card

Or a debit card, Osko, PayID bank transfer and direct debit.

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Secure digital wallet

Safely lock your rent away in a dedicated rent savings account.

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Keep your rent in check

Setup a simple auto deposit before rent is due and be reminded when rent is next up.

Sharehouse friendly
Never miss payments
Pay with credit card
simple splitting
Sharehouse friendly
Never miss payments
Pay with credit card
simple splitting
Sharehouse friendly
Never miss payments
Pay with credit card
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Split rent with LIZ

Don't get left on read. LIZ handles the reminding, collecting and paying of rent. Plus (depending on how you pay in) LIZ is free to set up and use for you and your housemates!

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How does Liz work?

Liz, provides a digital wallet feature that allows users to securely store and manage their rental payments. Users can transfer money into the digital wallet from their main banking app or set up a direct debit to automatically withdraw funds from a nominated payment method and deposit them into their Liz account.

During the app set up, users can create a household and provide details about their rent, such as the due date, frequency, and amount, as well as information about their rental agent. We also allows users to invite multiple people to join the household and contribute to the rent payments. The sharehouse webpage provides more information on how this feature works.

Do I need permission from my agent or landlord to use LIZ?

No, LIZ is made by tenants, for tenants. You don’t need any approval from your landlord to use the platform. We are focused on providing tenants with the most seamless means of paying rent. We will independently verify all information you provide us about your landlord/agent.

In some cases, we may need to contact them to clarify information which doesn’t match our database.

What is a Digital Wallet?

Think of your digital wallet as an online piggy bank for your rent. The wallet allows you to store and transfer funds to the LIZ platform. From there, LIZ transfers it directly to your agent and other third parties. We work with a number of partners including some of Australia's largest banks to ensure all funds placed in your digital wallet are safe and secure. More information can be found in the user Terms & conditions and Privacy policy.

How does LIZ work with share houses?

Once one person has created a household within the app they can send an invitation to their housemates that includes their contribution of the household rent.
Each person will then be required to download the app, create their own account that is then tied to that particular household. Each member is then required to deposit their contribution of the periodic rent into their LIZ account, at the time rent becomes due our system will consolidate everyone's funds and send it to the nominated landlord or property manager.

Each home will have an admin who presides over how much rent each housemate is to pay, and when the rent is due this is typically the person that first set's up the house. Each member will always maintain complete control over all of their LIZ account and you will only ever contribute the agreed upon amount.

What else do I get with LIZ?

In addition to being able to set up your own LIZ account with a dedicated digital wallet, you can join a share house; allowing you to split rent between your housemates. We also keep you updated with your wallet balance, sending you reminders if it ever looks like you are falling behind, and allow you to deposit funds using a credit-card earning those sweet reward points we all love.

We are also hard at work building more incredible features which will provide tenants with greater flexibility and options for rent and property related payments.

Can I pay other property expenses with LIZ?

Not yet, but we are working as hard as we can to bring you additional features, including bill payments. Keep an eye out, they’re coming soon.

What if my agent or landlord hasn’t heard of LIZ?

No problem. LIZ is built for you - the renter, and we facilitate your rent payments via your agent/landlord’s preferred payment method. Your rent will be paid with your dedicated reference number – initially provided by you and will never compromise your existing relationship. Your rent will be paid on time every time, if you or your agent/landlord has any concerns they can contact our customer service team at

How secure is LIZ?

When your funds are deposited with LIZ, they are treated no differently to funds in a bank account. Your funds can only be accessed by you. We have security measures in place to protect your account from unauthorised access.

Your funds are held by our third-party payment provider Zai, in accordance with their end user agreement.

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