About LIZ

How can I contact LIZ?

We are here to help you with any problems, issues or concerns you have using the LIZ platform. Email us at info@lizapp.com.au or fill out the contact form at the bottom of the FAQ section.

Getting started

Why do you need to verify my identity?

LIZ is subject to the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act. The obligations imposed on us by this Act assist in the prevention of improper use of the LIZ platform.

This means we need to verify you are who you say you are, and that your tenancy is indeed legitimate. Don’t worry, the information you provide us is handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy and is only ever used for the purposes set out in the Application Terms and Conditions.

How do I start using LIZ?

You can get started by downloading the LIZ app (App Store or Google Play). The simplicity of the app ensures you will be onboarded in no time. You’ll be able to relax knowing Liz has you covered.

How do I turn on/off my app notifications?

You can edit your notification settings in the app’s ‘Settings’ tab at any time.

How do I close my account?

You can delete your account at any time via the settings function. Before deleting your account we suggest you get in touch with our support team to see if there is anything we can do to get you to stay.

How secure is LIZ?

When your funds are deposited with LIZ, they are treated no differently to funds in a bank account. Your funds can only be accessed by you. We have security measures in place to protect your account from unauthorised access.

Your funds are held by our third-party payment provider Zai, in accordance with their end user agreement.

What happens if I move out or change Tenancy?

You can leave or delete a tenancy from the app at any time. Click on the household from the main page and press the 3 dots in the top right corner. You will then be able to provide LIZ with the details of your new tenancy.

How do you handle my personal information?

We take your privacy and security very seriously. All of your personal information is securely stored, so you can remain assured your personal information is completely protected. All of your payment information is stored by Zai, who are compliant with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) standard.


What do you mean by deposit?

In order for LIZ to facilitate your rent payments, you will need sufficient funds in your digital wallet on the morning of rent day. Depositing refers to the process whereby you transfer money into your digital wallet, which is used to pay your rent when it falls due.

Will my deposits be automatically debited?

You can set up your own personalised deposit schedule to guarantee you always have enough money in your digital wallet on your rent day. How nice would it feel to never worry about paying rent again?!

If direct debits aren’t your thing, that’s fine. You can always pay-in to your digital wallet via PayID or Direct Deposit via bsb & acct no. at any time.

How long does it take for funds to be available in my wallet?

We recommend depositing funds into your digital wallet two business days before your rent is due to avoid any chance of delay.

PayId - Is the fastest way to get funds into your digital wallet, usually instant

Direct Deposit via bsb & acct no. – Instant (if you are set up with Osko and PayID) or up to two weekdays if you are not.

Direct debit – Up to two weekdays.

Credit card - Instant but can take up to one hour in rare circumstances.

We will send you a notification once funds have landed in your digital wallet.

Can someone else deposit funds to my Digital Wallet?

Yes, absolutely! You can provide anyone with the details of your Digital Wallet and allow them to make deposits on your behalf. Remember, it is your responsibility to ensure you have reached an arrangement with whoever is transferring funds. LIZ will not be able to differentiate funds transferred by you or someone else.

It is also your responsibility to ensure you do not share your account details publicly.

How do I stop recurring deposits to my Digital Wallet?

You can cancel or change direct deposit into your Digital Wallet at any time by clicking on the direct deposit on the home screen then clicking edit. You can skip your next payment by clicking on the upcoming payment on the home screen also.

How can I change my deposit payment details?

You can change the way you deposit money into your LIZ account at any time through settings then payment methods. You can add additional payment methods here also.


How does Liz work?

Liz, provides a digital wallet feature that allows users to securely store and manage their rental payments. Users can transfer money into the digital wallet from their main banking app or set up a direct debit to automatically withdraw funds from a nominated payment method and deposit them into their Liz account.

During the app set up, users can create a household and provide details about their rent, such as the due date, frequency, and amount, as well as information about their rental agent. We also allows users to invite multiple people to join the household and contribute to the rent payments. The sharehouse webpage provides more information on how this feature works.

When will my rent get paid?

Initially we need to know when your rent is due and how much you pay each rent period (weekly, fortnightly or monthly).

From there, LIZ will pay the rent with funds from your digital wallet when it falls due, in other words on your rent day. Your rent payment is processed at 11am to ensure the agent receives it on time.

What if I don’t have enough money in my LIZ wallet on my rent day?

LIZ works with you to see to it that you always have enough money in your digital wallet on your rent day. If you do not have enough money in your wallet on rent day we will not attempt to pay your rent, we will however send your reminders and prompts to deposit funds at your earliest convenience. Once you have then deposited enough money to cover your rent it will then be paid.

We understand life happens and sometimes you might be a little short, that is why we are excited to be working on our Rent Now Pay Later (RNPL) feature, so Liz can have your back if you are ever short on rent.

*LIZ does not provide legal or financial advice in relation to the payment of your rent. Missing payments required under your lease might have serious consequences including eviction. Should you be unable to pay your rent you should consider seeking professional advice.

How long does it take for the rent payment to be processed?

If you have the requisite funds in your digital wallet, transferring rent to your agent or landlord should be instant if your agent is set up with the New Payments Platform. Otherwise it will be processed by close of business on the due date.

How will I know that the rent was paid if I have set automatic payments?

You will receive a notification when your rent has been successfully transferred to your agent. Your rent payment is processed at 11am on Rent Day to ensure the agent receives it on time.

I missed a payment, what do I do?

If you have not directed LIZ to pay your rent or you had insufficient funds, you can make a deposit into your wallet before instructing us to pay your rent. We can pay it at any point in time.

You can also directly reach out to your landlord and make a separate arrangement regarding any specific rent payments in accordance with your lease.

How are payments processed on weekends and public holidays?

Weekends are not taken into account when working out how long it will take for a Direct Debit, Direct Credit or BPAY transfer to clear into your Digital Wallet. Card payments or those made via PayID will process regardless of the day or time.

How do I change my Rent amount or due date?

If you need to change the amount of rent you pay, or the date it is due, click on the household from your home page and click on the '3 dots' in the top right-hand corner of the screen. From there you can edit any of your rent details.

Can I view my payment history?

Yes, you can access a full history of payments in and out of your Digital Wallet by clicking on your activity feed. You can also view a history of payments made for your tenancy by clicking on the particular household.

Can I download my payment history?

You can share a copy of any transaction made from your Liz account by clicking on the transaction in your activity feed.

What does ‘deposit pending’ and ‘payment pending’ mean?

When a deposit or payment is pending it simply means the transfer of funds is still being processed by the banks. As soon as the payment is cleared, we will let you know via a notification.

Digital Wallet

What is a Digital Wallet?

Think of your digital wallet as an online piggy bank for your rent. The wallet allows you to store and transfer funds to the LIZ platform. From there, LIZ transfers it directly to your agent and other third parties. We work with a number of partners including some of Australia's largest banks to ensure all funds placed in your digital wallet are safe and secure. More information can be found in the user Terms & conditions and Privacy policy.

Can I withdraw money from my Digital Wallet?

Yes, but you will need to raise a request via the ‘support’ function in ‘settings’. We will ask some security questions and your reason for withdrawal before further assisting you.


Do I need permission from my agent or landlord to use LIZ?

No, LIZ is made by tenants, for tenants. You don’t need any approval from your landlord to use the platform. We are focused on providing tenants with the most seamless means of paying rent. We will independently verify all information you provide us about your landlord/agent.

In some cases, we may need to contact them to clarify information which doesn’t match our database.

What if I don't know some of my agent’s details?

If you are unsure of your agent’s details, such as a bank account or BPAY details, we suggest checking your tenancy agreement or getting in touch with them.

What if my agent or landlord hasn’t heard of LIZ?

No problem. LIZ is built for you - the renter, and we facilitate your rent payments via your agent/landlord’s preferred payment method. Your rent will be paid with your dedicated reference number – initially provided by you and will never compromise your existing relationship. Your rent will be paid on time every time, if you or your agent/landlord has any concerns they can contact our customer service team at info@lizapp.com.au

My agent/landlord says they haven’t received a rent payment!

If you think a payment taken from your Digital Wallet hasn’t been received by the agent or landlord, please contact us via support in settings so we can investigate.


What fees are associated with using LIZ?

We understanding it can be scary trying a new app, particularly one that just launched! So we want to reward our early adopters by waiving any account fees for the first 12-months.

Transaction costs may still apply so please see the chart below for our pricing guide.

A summary of the fees charged by LIZ are below:

Monthly account fee - $5 which is waived for the first 12-months

Verification of Identity and Tenancy validation  - Free  

Direct Deposit (bank transfer) and Direct Debit & PayId transfer- Free

Direct Debit - $2

Failed Direct Debit - $5

Credit Card  - 1.5% of the deposit amount

LIZ will collect fees when funds are transferred into your digital account. If you pay via Credit Card, please take into account the fees before depositing funds.

Where can I check the fees I’ve been charged?

All fees charged by LIZ are recorded in the activity feed located in the centre of the nav bar in app.


How does LIZ work with share houses?

Once one person has created a household within the app they can send an invitation to their housemates that includes their contribution of the household rent.
Each person will then be required to download the app, create their own account that is then tied to that particular household. Each member is then required to deposit their contribution of the periodic rent into their LIZ account, at the time rent becomes due our system will consolidate everyone's funds and send it to the nominated landlord or property manager.

Each home will have an admin who presides over how much rent each housemate is to pay, and when the rent is due this is typically the person that first set's up the house. Each member will always maintain complete control over all of their LIZ account and you will only ever contribute the agreed upon amount.

What if a housemate doesn’t pay?

We know sometimes your housemates miss a payment or might be late in covering their rent. LIZ alleviates these issues. How you ask? We help your housemates stay on track with our pay-in schedule, the best way to stay on top of their rent payments.

LIZ also keeps your housemates up-to-date, providing notifications when they are falling behind on their rental schedule.

Lastly, we let the rest of the house know if a payment hasn’t been made, giving everyone a chance top-up their digital wallet before rent is due. We will not attempt to pool your household's funds and send to your nominate agent/landlord until everyone has their portion of the rent available in their individual accounts.

What's next

What else do I get with LIZ?

In addition to being able to set up your own LIZ account with a dedicated digital wallet, you can join a share house; allowing you to split rent between your housemates. We also keep you updated with your wallet balance, sending you reminders if it ever looks like you are falling behind, and allow you to deposit funds using a credit-card earning those sweet reward points we all love.

We are also hard at work building more incredible features which will provide tenants with greater flexibility and options for rent and property related payments.

Can I pay other property expenses with LIZ?

Not yet, but we are working as hard as we can to bring you additional features, including bill payments. Keep an eye out, they’re coming soon.

Property Managers

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